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How to introduce a slice of Italy’s finest interiors to your home



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While most of us are guilty of taking countless vacations to escape our mundane routines, what if we told you there’s a way to turn your homes into opulent abodes that redefine comfort? Your home should be a more consistent reflection of you—a space that provides the best of solace and sophistication.

If you’re looking to spruce up your space with the finest interiors, Jumbo can help you enhance your home with premium Italian components, practical gadgets, and exquisite features to make it the home of your dreams, one that you can luxuriate in. 

They have successfully created a niche market by creating concepts and imagery that appeal to those who like to indulge in luxury, beauty, heritage and the purest form of traditional Italian style. 

The Italian design brand Jumbo Collection recently unveiled its newest project ‘Italian Finest Atmospheres’ which brings bespoke design and meticulous artistry to the fore. It approaches residential and commercial design through a creative lens where tailor-made living spaces come to life, as a result of individual inspiration and sensibilities. Individual ideas are gathered, tweaked, and created into a brand-new living area that is uniquely yours. The projects chosen are a customised mixture of new and old ones to create a luxury experience. 

Deep dive into the world of Italian interiors by exploring the boiserie and walk-in closet from Jumbo’s newest catalogue that shows you its time to elevate your home’s interiors.

For starters, the Michelangelo boiserie is a modern twist enhancing traditional lines, exclusively personalised for a strong admirer of Italian elegance, luxury, design, and craftsmanship. 

Feminine yet functional defines the Frida walk-in closet, designed for the refined lady. The lighting system in the closet creates a work of full and empty volumes, and the squared lines of the mirrors and fine fabrics covering some of the walls accentuate the space with an extraordinary air of sophistication, a true inspiration for your next wardrobe upgrade. 

The hand-carved Boheme boisersie highlights the delicate craftsmanship which is one of the qualities that makes the Jumbo Collection stand out, designed solely for a prominent singer located in the French riveria.

While the  unique glass craftsmanship in the Fuji walk-in closet reflects the brand’s superior technical and artistic abilities, it’s Ukiyo boiserie takes cues from the Japanese aesthetic.

Moving on, Norma boiserie takes you into the world of Opera for arias sensation and the exhilarating atmosphere; the ornate craftsmanship stuns with the visually stimulating attention to detail.  

Those with a penchant for Colonial era-inspired design will be instantly drawn to the walk-in closet. After all, ringing an old building’s interiors into the modern-day design language requires passion, vision, and a little big of magic. 

The magnificence and rich splendor of Ancient Rome served as the inspiration for another spectacular masterpiece, the Domus Aurea boiserie.

Lastly, redefine luxury in your space and get the timeless look you want without having to live in Italy with the Jumbo Collection’s latest collection.

To know more about the collection, click here.

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