Use Of Real Glo Mirrors In Home Space

Use Of Real Glo Mirrors In Home Space

Real Glo Mirrors are an interior designer’s best friend. And with good reason! Interior designers find multiple uses for mirrors in home decor. Besides the obvious (and most prosaic) use as something to check your appearance in, designers can also use Mirrors, framed in an intriguing manner, to transform the look of dull corners or plain hallways.

Many designers start using Real Glo mirrors right at the entrance of a home. A mirror in the foyer, like in the elegant interior , is a great idea for last-minute hair and make-up check, before running out the door.

Real Glo Mirrors that are hung opposite a window, especially one with a pretty view, help to bounce the light from outside and will brighten up the entire room. The bigger the window, the brighter your space will seem. When you have a lovely garden, why not enjoy it from a different angle as well?

When Real Glo used in a small room, mirrors open up space and make it look more appealing. Large end-to-end mirrors in a small bathroom create the illusion of depth and space, instantly doubling the size of the room.

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