This breezy apartment in Ahmedabad is subtly inspired by the shades of spring

Set in the Vastrapur area of central Ahmedabad, this 4BHK residence is every homeowner’s dream come true: the site is shrouded and secluded by trees and green spaces, but still easily accessible and well-connected to public transport, the city’s biggest mall, and the Vastrapur lake. Located on the second floor of a posh seven-storey building, the owners—a young family—commissioned Dhwanil Patel and Ankita Jain of ADHWA-architecture to design the space, as they had worked with them on a few occasions prior. “The client brief required a minimalistic and contemporary home, with simple forms magnified by abundant natural light. As we had worked with the client earlier, it was easier to communicate and decide on a common design language of soft hues and clean lines,” Patel says.

The architects were acquainted with the site since its initial construction. “We have seen every corner of this brand new apartment being constructed, and hence planned lighting fixtures, electrical and civil work since the beginning,” Jain explains. The clients also eschewed many popular, modern design trappings like false ceilings, cladding or conventional wall-panelling, making the design team’s task straightforward.


The walls of the sunlit entrance are bathed in a rich, creamy texture, with a custom wooden bench upholstered in pink placed next to a ceiling-height wooden cupboard. An artwork by local artist Nirali Gajjar consisting of circular wooden plates symbolising the nine divine elements auspiciously greets anyone who enters.




Living Room

The sunny foyer leads into the open living and dining area, which overlooks a linear balcony screened by sheer, translucent curtains. The TV is set into a stone panel, and the wash basin adjoining the dining space is tiled, creating chic yet rustic contrasts. All furniture in this room is movable, made of sleek metal or wood, adhering to the uncluttered feel throughout the residence. Another subtle pink panel behind the dining table brings vibrancy to the space, with a quirky geometric strip-panelling in wood.





Close by, the kitchen begins with a breakfast counter and also doubles up as a cocktail bar in the after hours. The kitchen is modular and modish, matching the neutral shades of the shutters and profiles.

The kitchen is a multifunctional space


The four bedrooms with attached bathrooms are clustered together in the south west. Each bedroom has a distinct identity and style, the palette ranging from hues of blue, to an arboreal green.




Design Details

Framed art is present in each room: even the children’s bedroom has framed paintings inspired by SH Raza, that elegantly complement the shade of green on the wall. Ceramic and terracotta vases, with soft knitted throws in pastel hues create a sense of warmth and comfort throughout. All the furniture pieces have been custom designed by ADHWA-architecture and executed by Conifur, a local furniture label. With young children in this home, certain elements needed to be fixed, with others simplified to be easy to handle. Careful details like concealed handles in most furniture, and thematic brass elements became part of the design journey, in this home. “When you appropriately connect an address to its location, bringing forward an experience that invites involvement, architecture develops its own identity and character,” Patel concludes.


An Ahmedabad home where air, light and space play a starring role

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